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Highly recommend this crowd. We have had a few changes of hosting providers over the years and this has been a smooth transition. The customer service is responsive, tech support is quick to answer any technical queries and overall, nothing to complain about. We have started hosting our email and website last June, so it has not been a full year yet, but things are going well. Tom

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016

FRE Web Solutions

My old web host got hacked and my website was not working afterwards. I contacted a few hosts and decided to go with fre web. Their support moved my broken website and even repaired the coding issues that was caused by the attack free of charge! Cant thank the team enough. I thought i had lost everything! So happy!

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Last reviewed on Friday, 19 Feb 2016

Killasites Digital Systems Ltd

This is indeed the leading Web hosting provider in Uganda that i have ever dealt with. They have indeed 99.9% uptime and good support team

Last reviewed on Monday, 15 Feb 2016

OSIXGroup Australia

I looked around at quite a few different hosting options before deciding on OSIXGroup, and I am glad I chose them. They provided tailored service and lots of advice that was far beyond anything I received from other hosts. I asked lots of basic questions as I designed my own wordpress site and Joel always helped me out. Their service is fantastic. I highly recommend OSIXGroup.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 13 Nov 2015


dreadful service and technology, we have lost countless hours as a direct result of their unreliability, not to mention high ongoing monthly costs. this company is a long way behind the competition.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Sep 2015


5 stars since the price is right & the support is top-notch. I tend to generate a lot of tickets since I can't afford an IT staff, & rely on freelancers whom I'd prefer not to have to pay. 97Cents.net has always been there for me, even though they're halfway around the world. I think the longest I've had to wait was 4 hours while they were closed for the day- as soon as one of their staff came in to work, they picked up my...

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015


I have used VentraIP for hosting and for domain names - excellent on all counts. Not much interraction with the help desk becasue everything is well laid out and just works first time. CMS was joomla - ran perfectly. Thanks VentraIP

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Last reviewed on Monday, 03 Aug 2015


I couldn't agree more with the previous reviewer. Many times during the day I can't log on, I am having my address blacklisted due to others using the server. They say they have no control over it and suggest I get telstra to be my default email address to overcome the problem. I spoke with Apple , went in to try and solve the problem and they said the problem is definitely at Web City So I ask, Why am I paying you to host...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 10 Jul 2015


Pricing is as cheap as you can get but service is better than any other host I have used over the years. What sets Ozevision apart is their online support. In the 3 years I have used them, my support tickets have been answered with an average response time of 12 minutes - amazing. The only (and I mean ONLY) downside is they use a proprietary control panel (not cPanel) that does not allow external MX records - this means you...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 22 Jun 2015


Budget hosting for those who don't want support. You can't beat the price for this Aussie based hosting company, but please note the support they offer is lackluster at best. They don't go the extra mile and just do the absolute bare minimum. This is expected considering the price, but please only pick this host if you don't need or care about support. It is very frustrating when you can tell tech support answers your queries...

Last reviewed on Friday, 02 Jan 2015


I have been using ZIphosting for years, since they were hostess in fact. I have had very few problems with them and I have several clients web sites with them too. Usually they fix everything pretty quickly. I am bit perplexed about the email problem they are having right now, I realise every provider has downtime sometimes but this email issue seems to be going on too long

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Last reviewed on Monday, 29 Dec 2014

Geekz Web Hosting

Terrible representation - terrible customer support - NO refund available - talks in circles to confuse the average customer. DON'T DO IT!!! ZERO STARS!

Last reviewed on Monday, 24 Nov 2014


is this hosting company still operational? for the last 2 weeks their website has simply shown a 404 'not found' error. this means that I can't log-in to my control panel at all :(

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Last reviewed on Monday, 27 Oct 2014


Great webhost, very friendly and helpfull. Went the extra steps to get our website running and ranking well

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014


I've been using glovine for some time now and genuinely their service and products have proven themselves over and over. I recently had an issue with my gaming servers (not related to my hobby business that I host through them) and they helped me fix it, even though it wasnt their fault or anything to do with their systems (all my fault!). I cant thank them enough. This review is a small endeavour to thank these guys. You...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 14 Jul 2014

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