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is this hosting company still operational? for the last 2 weeks their website has simply shown a 404 'not found' error. this means that I can't log-in to my control panel at all :(

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Last reviewed on Monday, 27 Oct 2014


Great webhost, very friendly and helpfull. Went the extra steps to get our website running and ranking well

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014


I've been using glovine for some time now and genuinely their service and products have proven themselves over and over. I recently had an issue with my gaming servers (not related to my hobby business that I host through them) and they helped me fix it, even though it wasnt their fault or anything to do with their systems (all my fault!). I cant thank them enough. This review is a small endeavour to thank these guys. You...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 14 Jul 2014


Deasoft has been hosting my site for a few years now and I have been able to depend on them. While support is average at least I haven't needed to use it for the most part. Overall I'm happy, mostly smooth sailing.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 15 May 2014


This company is awesome, always get an Aussie, they cant do enough for you always explaining things and making sure you understand everything. Recently one of their Carriers went into financial trouble causes a huge amount of people to loose phone and internet connection, they quickly jumped onto the issue and got a new carrier, with almost hourly updates. If you want a company they will take care of your every need, with...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 06 May 2014

VCS Web Host

was very impressed with the site speed but what really got me was how easy it was to use the site builder and have a automated CMS Installation of my choice!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 07 Apr 2014


I have been using QIQ Hosting for the last 2 years, I have now 4 sites all hosted by QIQ and I must say that I am extremely impressed with both the quality of the customer service, their pricing and also the downtime has been zero for me over the last 2 years on all 4 sites, QIQ always have time to help with advice and putting things right very quickly should something go wrong. I have now moved from other hosting to solely...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 04 Apr 2014


We cannot say enough great things about these guys, if you want super support and the fastest websites, look no further. The Best of the Best.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 31 Mar 2014

Prompt Web Hosting

these guys are great i found them on a forum which they had some good reviews so i gave them a go... been very happy with them always reply to my tickets even at 2am when i cant sleep and working on my site lol.

Last reviewed on Friday, 14 Mar 2014


I am in the process of creating my own website as a hobby. In this regard Smartienet has provided me with timely and valuable advice and assistance on a number of occassions. This included setting up my site live with restricted access, while I work on the site.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 28 Feb 2014

SpiderWeb Hosting

I've used these guys on one of the trials they had. They seemed to pass my test so im on board with them now :)

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Last reviewed on Saturday, 28 Dec 2013

Host Geek

Host Geek have been a big help in getting my website off the ground. They were a big help in deciding on which website platform would best fit my needs. Since then, its been smooth sailing and their web hosting services are really reliable.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 06 Nov 2013

AusPing Internet Services

Good service and really cheap with 50% off. Can't really complain about anything. I had a problem on the checkout and they got back to me within 15 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 23 Sep 2013

Mangano IT

Great services, because I have no idea how to handle my IT stuff and these guys really put everything in order. Now, I just have to avoid messing everything up.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013

Z Web Design

Fantastic small business who have the time to look after you. Support is lightning fast and prices are excellent. No downtime or server issues. Recommended.

Last reviewed on Monday, 08 Jul 2013


Its been such a pain dealing with them. Though they respond to all your support within 24 hours but their service is never reliable. They suddenly put my live site down saying some strain in SQL server. Though I have been given 15GB bandwidth in shared hosting, I hardly used 1 GB, even then they put my site down. This is not the review written just because my site went down, this is my experience after being 6 months with...

Last reviewed on Friday, 12 Apr 2013

Nivsu Technologies

Currently sponsored by Nivsu Technologies, and they are absolutely amazing, very friendly and very helpful, will stick with them for a long time!

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Last reviewed on Friday, 18 May 2012


Great hosting company, with the best customer service and technical knowledge I have ever experienced in this industry, They aren't the cheapest but when you're getting service/ performance and reliability this good - the uptime pays for itself.

Last reviewed on Monday, 07 May 2012


Great advice and quickly fixed our problems. Friendly team and extremely knowledgeable. They explain in plain english instead of the Internet lost jargon. Many Thanks.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 18 Apr 2012

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